In order to end the confusion, my herd has been disbursed on lease to a few farm friends due to a medical diagnoses that will likely be quite a journey for me.  I'm in hopes of bringing them all back in 2019.
In the comment section of the kidding schedule, it's noted where each goat stands.
All future kids will carry the name Ole'Humble Acres as their registered names. Though I was sure I had registered my farm name, Humble Acres Farm, with ADGA long ago, I was mistaken, and the name was registered by another farm in 2007.


Cindy, Patrick and Michael Bachand
Lebanon, ME  04027
Text: 207-467-0331
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Updated 12/03/2018  

We are pleased to announce that our....
Whole herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes ~ May 2016
Because of my concern of bacterial, viral and parasitical issues, I will no longer be leasing out my bucks, nor offer driveway breedings.
Thank you for understanding my concerns!
Welcome to Humble Acres Farm!  We are nestled on a remote and cozy, 2-acre, humble farm in Lebanon, ME.  We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats not only for their manageable size and temperament, but to also provide our family with delicious, healthy milk; with enough milk to also provide us with a supply for soap making, cheese making,  kefir, ice-cream and more... the old fashioned way!!  All our goats are registered; breeding for temperament, conformation, milk and show!
American Goat Society
 American Dairy Goat Association
As of this winter, 2011, I've decided to maintain a closed herd!  I do not show my goats because of the deadly diseases that can infect my animals in the show ring.  Because I don't have titles of MCH or ARMCH, doesn't mean that you won't be purchasing a quality animal. Showing and earning ribbons, etc., means being able to sell your goats at a much higher price, of course, LA scores as well. I've purchased goats from excellent breedings, and they've failed in the "udder" category, so really, you just never know what you'll get, so why pay top dollar!? I continually strive to improve my herd. My top priority is raising healthy, well cared for, and show quality Caprine friends.